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Creative Writing


  • We first wrote a personal narrative to get started in the writing process again.  Mine is a particularly terrifying experience at the zoo, entitled Geese Can Be Scary.


  • While we were writing our personal narratives, we wrote a review comparing our story to one in Reader's Digest.


  • We've started using the Creative Writing book... I'm so very fond of it :


  • One day, we cut out magazine pictures, picked four and wrote a story using each picture.  My four were: a lady blow-drying her hair, grilled cheese, a leprechaun-type guy drumming, and eggs with money on them.  Mine's not very good, but oh well.


  • We wrote prewriting assignments frequently before writing our short story.  Disappearance is a narrative about his life-changing experience.  The short story is done!  It is All For The Cause.

  • Currently, we are reading and writing poetry.




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