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   The Begonias have always been part of my life, ever since childhood.  My parents left me at the St. Peter's Orphanage, it was customary for lilies to this and my family was no exception.  St. Peter's had mainly lilies but also mums, columbines, snowdrops, and a few others.  It was run by Begonias, of course. 

    It is there where I met Christine, a chrysanthemum.  She was a delicate flower, afraid of everything.  Lilies and chrysanthemums didn't mix, although we saw each other during meals and in-between school and chores.  We would find way to see each other.  Everyone knew we were friends and were frequently gossiped about.  Everyone knew, except the Begonias.

    We always met at the oak tree after lunch and before class.  One day, Christine wasn't there.  I waited and waited, but she did not come.  Everyday I went back, hoping she'd be there, but she never was.

    All sorts of rumors flew around the school telling of where she went.  My favorite was that her parents came back for her, although I knew it could not be true.

    "Meet me at Christine's tree.  I know what happened to her,"whispered the only Begonia orphan to be between classes.

    After lunch, I met him there.

    "So, you want to know?"  he asked.

    "Yes, I do, Frederick," I replied eagerly.

    "I dislike the Begonias-"

    "You are one," I interrupted.

    "I know.  They believe themselves to be my idols.  I will tell you what happened to Christine if you promise not to tell anyone, and if you work with me against the Begonias."

    I nodded in agreement, unsure of what I was getting myself into.

    "Stu, they found out about you and Christine.   It would look bad if you disappeared, being a Lily, but no one would notice a chrysanthemum gone.  They thought it would be a lesson for all," he paused.   "Every night, when everyone was in bed, they poisoned her.  Weed killer, in her water."

    I knew the truth, I also knew I would never be the same again.



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