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Ron, the Leprechaun


   Ron, the leprechaun, was a collector of things.  Shinny objects were his favorite, although he liked taking things, so people believed them to be lost.

    One day, on an outing, Ron spied a girl blow-drying her funky-colored hair.  Everyday, he would go out of his way to watch this girl, it was fascinating for him.  Ron decided that he wanted to meet her, so he did the only thing he could think of, he took her blow-drier.

    The next day, he went to see what she would do.

    "AHHH!  Where's my blow-drier!?" she screamed and frantically began to look for it.  Intriguing, Ron thought.  He followed her for a few days, watching what she'd do.  She began to grow fainter, disappearing as the days went by. 

    *    *     *

    Suzy began to think she was being followed by a little green man with fiery red hair.  Eventually, she began following him.  

*    *    *

    Ron decided that she was getting boring to watch.  Her color was fading and she wasn't pretty.  Discouraged, he trudged home to his castle.  What he didn't know was that in the shadows, following him was the mysterious girl.

*    *    *

    Suzy was surprised of his home.   It was a castle, but it was made of grilled cheese!  She was quite hungry, so she took a bite out of the wall.  She felt like Hanzel and Gredel.  Drum beats began going off and eggs began raining down on her head. They were particular eggs, because they had dollar bills painted on them.  This place is really odd, Suzy thought.

    "AHHH!  I see you found me!" A little green man in a jumpsuit and curly hair called to her from atop his castle.  In his hands were a blow-drier and drumsticks.

    "Hey!  Who are you and why do you have y blow-drier?"  Suzy questioned him.

    Smiling a wicked grin, he replied, "I am Ron... the Leprechaun."

    "So?  I'm Suzy and I want my blow-drier back!"  Suzy demanded.

    Rat-a-tat-tat he played his drum.   ka-splat!  An egg hit her head.  Suzy decided that was really mean and she began eating his grilled cheese.

    "Fine! IF you're going to be mean about it," Ron said, crying like a baby, and he gave Suzy her blow-drier back.


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