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Geese Can Be Scary

The clouds were perfectly rounded, looking like cotton balls hanging in the endless baby blue sky. The weather wasn’t sticky, but the sun shone brightly, reflecting of the small pond. The air carried the pungent smell of various animals and freshly cut grass. It was a perfect day for a father and daughter to explore the zoo.

As the sun became directly overhead, we decided to take a break for lunch. Buying our meal from a nearby stand, we sat on the bank of the pond to eat.

There were geese and their goslings in front of us, and we were watching them. I had not yet been to the petting zoo, so I was aching to do more than watch. The geese just looked so cute and friendly. I just had to pet them!

"Dad, I want to pet them," I announced to my father, smiling in an oblivious way. Without waiting for him to respond, I stood up. I stuck my arms out as if I was an airplane (so I wouldn’t be seen as easily), and tottled toward the birds, happy as a bluejay.

I was about a foot from the designated goose, so ecstatic that I had gotten so close. When suddenly, the big bird opened its beak, and flashed its tongue. A loud honk came spilling out, surprising me.

With that simple noise, the goose grew to become a gigantic, Alison-eating monster! The honking continued and I was rooted to the ground, wide-eyed and scared. The goose saw that I wasn’t moving and began chasing me up the bank. Crying hysterically, I ran back to my dad’s protective arms.



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