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Pages 179-181 #1-5


1.  a.  Tiny town, bad economy, status is important.  few die

    b.  War, everyone dead, disgusting trenches, bad time

    c.  Lake, old town, not many people, school

2.  They used descriptive words so you could see, feel, and touch the surroundings

3.  The last one has foreshadowing, someone will drown

4.  a.  Yakov's hut was a few miles from the depressed town.   He rarely saw anyone, nor did he want to.

    b.  The same death, same fungus, always the same.   Nothing ever changed, death could never be different.

    c.  The only question there ever was, was: who would be next?

5.  a.  The big double doors in front of the building seemed like they were express elevators to hell.  Leading to doom.  It          was an average school.  Average height, average kids, average brick.  Something wasn't average though.

    b.The school was overwhelmingly old, its bare brick was crumbling.  Ivy hung over the ancient walls as if it was holding          the building up.  Kids were strewn over the lawn as if they belonged in the hippie era.

    c.  The big  building was a pumpkin orange with green windows.  It was a school, alright, but what kind of school?  The          kids didn't quite seem normal either.   They kept falling and everyone was laughing.

    d.  The schools are filled with dread, and this one was no exception.  The smell of torment and horror coated the halls.           Screams were heard coming from classrooms.  Death was a friend and companion to the staff here.


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