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Pages 173 to 178 # 1 &2

A->B Kane didn't like his teacher very much.    When he got home, he wrestled his brother, Leon.  While doing this, he kills his brother

B->C  Because of this, to excape punishment, he moves to NYC

D->C  He meets a beautiful woman who washes windows on the Empire State Building and gets him a job.  She is very free with favors.  While in NYC, he finds out he is allergic to bees and has to quit his job.

F  The woman decides she doesn't love Kane anymore and moves to Africa to go on safari with her rich hubby

F->G  Kane is immensely sad and goes back to the family farm

G-> E  The only way he won't go to jail for his brother's death is if he goes to night school to get his GED. 

E->H  He has to plow the farm because his dad died from some mysterious sting and died.  While plowing, he finds a treasure from his granddad.

H->I  The next day, he got stung.   It was the same way his granddad died.  So Kane puffed up and died.


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