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Wife of Bath's Prolog-

Timed Writing #2



   The Wife of Bath could be seen in many different ways, depending on your beliefs and morals.  I believe that she is an independent woman in medieval times, although she has questionable actions at times.  She only uses what is God-given, makes herself very feminine, and then uses whoever gets snared for herself.

    This woman is not afraid of what people think of her.  She says things that are usually whispered in hushed tones, loudly.   She believes that since God made her this way, then she is to use her resources to get what she wants.  The Wife of Bath would fit quite nicely into our world of independence.

    A woman in chastity should never wear any adornments.  Though she, not in chastity, wears beautiful accessories and garments.   She wants men, so this way of dressing suits her.  She dresses finely, to be noticed.  She acts proper and by those ways gets men.  She compares herself to a cat in that a cat can't be kept inside if it has a beautiful coat. She too will not stay inside.  She wants to show off her beautiful "coat" also.  The Wife of Bath truly is a cat.

    Cats are sneaky, sly, and usually get what they want, which is what she commonly does.  She `becomes the woman who seems like she doesn't want a man, but she'll "strut her stuff."  She moans and complains often and if she doesn't get what from her husband, she refuses him.  Upon getting her way, she promptly goes to bed.  The Wife of Bath uses her husband's desires to satisfy herself.

    The Wife of Bath would fit nicely into present day with her values and beliefs.  She is an early feminist, ahead of her times in many ways.  She says, wear, and acts the way she wants.  In the most desirable objective to satisfy herself.  What people thought and believed then would make her considered perverted, although now, she would be considered normal.