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Page 189 # 1-6


1.  Stu is a flower-guy.  He grows like normal flowers and was from a seed.  His name indicated that he is smart.  He came about in the future, 2901.  He knows lots of things.  He believes the world would be a better place if the Begonias didn't rule it.  He was raised in an orphanage, the way Lilies are.

2.  He has green hair and eyes.  He wears the hit Leave Clothes of the time.  Stu vines out as he moves.  He has trouble relating to people they are not his kind, and even then he has trouble communicating.   He stutters         when nervous.   When not enveloped in an action he is locked in his memories.

3.  Stu works for the Begonias.  He is loyal to Frederick in particular.  Stu is always working.  At night, he      replants himself, it's like sleep.  He knows all that happens in the government and is a very valuable person to    have around.

4.  He has been taught to obey through the orphanage and is used to being alone.  He had one friend when was younger, but she disappeared.  He wishes the pain of his world to be gone.  And believes that if they got rid of the Begonias, the world would be a better place.

5.  His friend disappeared.  Orphanage.

6.  Stu wants the world to be better, to heal the pain.  He wants to help.


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