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Medieval Outline

I. The Medieval Period 91066-14850

    1. Normans originally Viking raiders

    2. William introduced feudalism

        a.  a political and economic system based that king owned all land

    3.  Allegiance to higher positions

    4.  Barons between Matilda and Stephens-Henry

    5.  Henry II reformed judicial system

    6.  Eleanor of Aquitaine

        a.  former French Queen and Henry's wife

        b.  vast landholdings

        c.  ideas of chivalry

    7.  Richard the Lion-Hearted

        a.  Henry's son    

        b.  fought crusades in France

    8.  Brother John took crown.  Found to be bankrupt and signed Magma Carta

II.  The Decline of Feudalism

    1.  Power of commoners

    2.  Growth of towns equal decline of feudalism

    3.  Towns became centers of commerce

III.  The Hundred Years' War

    1.  Struggle between England and France beginning in 1337

    2.  Black Plague

    3.  Peasant's Revolt

    4.  Joan of Arc

    5. When ended, England lost all of its French possessions

    6.  War of Roses