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Anglo-Saxon Outline


I.  The Anglo-Saxon Period

    1.  Around 449 A.D., Angles, Saxons, and other Germanic people started settling on the coast of Britain

    2.  The Britons tried to stop them, but couldn't.

    3.  The Germanic tribes became a confederation of 7 kingdoms, called the Heptarchy

        a.  included Kent, Sussex, Essex, Wessex, East Anglia, Mercia, and Northumbria

    4.  Anglo-Saxons became agricultural people

II.  The Growth of Christianity

    1.  After the Roman Empire collapsed, Christianity still stayed

    2.  Missionaries-such as Patrik and those from Iona-began spreading their faith

    3.  The 1st monastery was built in Canterbury by Augustine in the year 597

III.  The Danish Invasions

    1.  The Danes AKA the Vikings, began to invade Northumbria

        a.  gained much much control in the north and east

        b.  were stopped from going south by Alfred the Great

    2.  After Alfred died, a Dane managed to become king of England

    3.  Then came Edward and Harold (kings)

    4.  William, duke of Normandy, invaded to be king.   William the Conquer