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November 29, 2001

I am lost in a forest of tall, stringy "trees."  Everything looks the same.  As I walk, I stumble over pits, holes, and white "frisbees."  There is no wind, no sky, nothing, just trees and ground.

As I walk, the trees get shorter and smaller, I see the sky and can feel the breeze.  Ahead of me are two large "mountains."  They are covered in smaller, white trees.  I approach one of these mountains.  There is a cave inside, full of rocks and crevices.

I leave the cave to explore the rest of the terrain.  I pass two gleaming pools of blue-green, and white water.  The trees are the shortest I have seen so far.  More like grass beneath my feet.

The ground begins to curve outward.   An earthquake1  The ground shakes under me.  Suddenly, it stops, and I recompose myself.  I walk to the edge of the land where it becomes a cliff.   Below me, there is an unclimbable, slippery surface, the sides are less steep.

I slowly climb down the side of the hill.   Large, single trees shoot out of the ground.  They are longer than the previous trees and farther apart.  They help me to secure myself on the way down.   A large crack begins.  It slowly breaks to form some sort of cavern.   Stalagmites and stalactites are in rows, preventing me from reaching this hole.   A gigantic wave of rubber approaches me.  It slaps me around inside the cavern.  I squish between the roughness of it and the pliable walls, smashing me to bits.


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