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The homework was hard,

I always feel like a retard.

So everyone was talking,

Crowning the smart ones king.

Out in the hall,

Where no one was tall,

Stood three.

Laughing, joking, without me.

The seat remained cold,

The room smelled like mold,

As I got up to go,

Tripping over my toes.



Where did that yellow come from?

It is just Aaron, how dumb.

His hair cut and dyed,

Making it look like a beehive.

A blood-curling scream

Makes me seem mean.

But I don't care.

Was it a dare?

"It looks so bad!"

But he was not mad.

I dashed to the hall,

Where no one was tall.

I began to laugh,

Dodging everything in my path.

Those three,

Began laughing with me.

We just couldn't stop.

The reaction to his hair was a flop.