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1.    Concrete Poetry uses typeface and other typographical elements.  It uses lots of different aspects to illustrate the poem.  The way it is written is its illustration.  Max Bill and Eugen Gomringer first used this technique and also in composition.  This poetry is fun to draw

R     i         goes pitter patter on my
a    n                                        
On my  umbrella

I hide from it,

Waiting for it to stop

But it just keeps

                                                                             f                           f
                                                                                a                          a
                                                                                    l                          l
                                                                                        l                         l
                                                                                            i                        i
                                                                                                n                      n
                                                                                                   g                      g

Everything is wet

It gr a  d   u    a      l      l        y

Begins to Disappear


2.  A haiku is an unrhymed japanese form of poetry.  It consists of 17 sylables arranged in lines of 5, 7, and 5 sylables in each.  Origionally the hokku, it sets the tone of the poem with mention of the season, time of day, and landscape.  The hokku was the origional haiku.  It changed to this form in the late 19th century.  Matsuo Basho made the haiku a highly refined art.

Snow is in the woods
There, it falls from the sky
Lying untouched


It is in the sky
Shining its light everywhere
Irridescent rays


3.  Diamante poetry is a diamond-shaped poem.   It is usually 7 lines, but can be any amount.  The lines go like this: 1 noun; 2 adjectives describing this noun; 3 words ending in either "ing" or "ed"; 4 nouns, after the first two, a change occurs; 3 words ending in "ing" or "ed" carrying this change; 2 adjectives with this change; and 1 noun finnishing the change.  This type of poem is very fun to write in elementary school, but still have a level of diffuculty to them.


Happy, Smile
Laughing, Talking, Playing
Friend,   Girl,   Blond,   Flutist
Sleeping, Smiling, Joking
Pink, Cares