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  1. The clouds were stretched accross the sky like spiderwebs.
  2. The eerie shadow of the moon cast shadows upon the ground, making everything seem contorted.
  3. Sticky juice running swiftly onto my fingers, making the ice cream soup in a cone.
  4. The dead elm trees reached out with finger-like branches covering the road from any sun.
  5. Jumbled puzzle pieces of sidewalk lay ahed of me, warning.
  6. Snapping on the line, the well-warn blue jeans hung.
  1. The sizzling blacktop burnt my feet as I ran down the street.
  2. Everyone looked bedragge, too tired to keep their eyes open, just happy to be on their way home.
  3. The clink of the bike rang in my ears, showing everyone I was free.
  4. A pleasant crunch of the ripe apple falling away into my mouth.
  5. The softball slammed into the bat, driving it over the back fence.
  6. The teacher droaned on, but not hindering my sleep.