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Anglo-Saxon Resume


I have heard, far and wide, of this class,

British Literature taught by Maite.

I have taken this for the fun of

The language, hoping to contribute.

Creativity and opinions

Is what I have. Chasing away the

Hours, my fingers form a folio of

Crafty creations. Making garments,

And trinkets. Inventor of

Items. My opinions cut sharp.

I speak my mind. I mustn’t be

Idle. Doing, buzzing, chattering, creating,

Beaming. Smiles are like the sun, they

Always are cheery. They are offered

Frequently. Empress of the library.

I read to discover the mysteries within

The pages. Turning pages, I uncover

Their cryptic codes. The words lead me to

Places where fantasy, mischief, and

Hazard reigns. Always ready for a

Challenge, whether it is one of shape building

Or book interpretation, I am up to it.